How to Check SIM Owner Name by Phone Number

This article will resolve your issue for people living who reside in Pakistan who wish to verify whether the SIM is the owner’s identity. It’s simple to find out the first name of the owner on the SIM. It is simple to identify the user’s or SIM holder’s name by with the help of a specific number. A condition is that you have a SIM card.

Many people aren’t aware of the details of the SIM. It’s not feasible for them to. The reason for this is that Pakistani law doesn’t allow anyone should know the information or statistics of the verified SIM number. This article will provide information on the SIM owner’s name.

How To Check Sim Owner Name By Mobile Number

As we have discussed when an individual is using an SIM number they may look up the name and details of the owner of that SIM number. This procedure is simple for all sims regardless of Jazz, Mobilink, Ufone or Telenor.

All you need to enter is “MNP” from your sim number, which could be Zong, Telenor, Warid, or Mobilink. The message will be sent to “667”.The cost for sending the message will be 2.467rs. There are a variety of options available from every network.

The SIM cardholder’s name registration number name, the network, and the owner’s CNIC, as the SIM serial number are included in the email message sent.

How to Check SIM Owner Name by Phone Number

How to Check SIM Owner Name by Phone Number

This card fits into the SIM tray on the phone. It’s the most essential component of the smartphone. From calling to accessing data transfer, a functioning SIM card is essential for any mobile user.

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Before, purchasing SIM cards without completing the registration procedure was possible. Given the rising amount of criminal activity committed through unauthorized SIM cards, PTA is making it obligatory for users to sign up for SIM cards under their names to access the network.

In reality, the purchaser is required to present proof of identification proof as well as proof of address to purchase the new SIM card. Currently, just five SIM cards are permitted under the same name.

Sim Number Details accompanied by Name Address

Before, consumers could purchase SIM cards without going through the registration procedure. Due to the growing number of nefarious activities using unauthorized SIM cards PTA is making it necessary for users to enroll their SIM cards under their own names to access network services. The methods verified through the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to check SIM card owners’ names and addresses are listed to ease your search.

How to Check SIM Owner Name and CNIC of Any Mobile Number

The days are gone when you must call the network provider and complete legal forms to obtain the owner’s details. Today, you can verify the SIM owner’s name using the online verification service provided by PTA to find your SIM information in Pakistan.

  • Send a short number of SMS to find out SIM details. Use the code “MNP” and send it to 667 from the SIM you’re using.
  • Visit or call the office of your Network service provider to inquire about SIM registration status and the owner’s name.

How to Find Sim Owner Name by Mobile Number Offline

If you’re not connected to the internet or prefer to determine the name of the sim’s owner by phone number There are some methods to accomplish this.

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1. Contact the Service Provider

Contact the provider of the number on your mobile and ask for the name of the owner of the SIM. You must give them an acceptable reason for the request, like an obligation under the law.

2. Visit the Nearest Police Station

If you’ve received threats via messages or calls and received threats, go to any police station in the area and file a report. Police can then use their resources to locate the identity of the sim’s owner through the mobile number.

SIM owner name by phone number in Pakistan.

  • Send an SMS to 667: This is the most common way to check the SIM owner name. Simply type “MNP” in an SMS and send it to 667. You will receive a reply with the SIM owner’s name, CNIC number, and network. This method is free of charge.
  • Use an online SIM checker: There are several online SIM checkers available. These websites allow you to enter the phone number and they will provide you with the SIM owner’s name and other details. However, these websites are unreliable and may charge a fee.
  • Contact the telecom operator: You can also contact the telecom operator of the SIM number. They will be able to provide you with the SIM owner’s name and other details, but they may require you to provide some personal information, such as your own name and CNIC number.

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